The hottest summer job search season is coming to an end, but many students are still looking for a job for next summer. Join the final spurt of summer job search and meet university students from all over Finland easily and quickly!

Hiring summer employees is often an important part of building an employer image, as it is an excellent way to introduce yourself to new professionals. Fortunately, there are many summer job opportunities, and a full-time summer job that lasts for the whole summer is not the only option if you want to reach university students.

You may not have the opportunity to hire a summer employee for the whole summer, but there could still be a need for helping hands during the busiest vacation period. Even shorter internships and part-time employment are profitable from both the employer’s and the student’s point of view.

A shorter internship or project

Studies offer a huge amount of knowledge and skills, but in terms of the development of professional skills, it is important to be able to practice these skills in practice as well. For this reason, many university degrees include either a mandatory or voluntary internship period, which can be completed during the summer, for example. Do you perhaps have a project starting where you could utilize new talents? Internships can include, for example, conducting market research, data analysis, job well-being survey or, for example, updating social media.

The internship period offers the student extremely important work experience for the future and the opportunity to network with professionals in the field. The employer, on the other hand, can find a top employee through the internship, who will continue to work for the company long after the internship. In addition, recruiting interns increases the company’s visibility especially among students, and improves the employer’s image.

Part-time summer job

Summer work does not always have to be full-time, but work can be offered in a part-time employment relationship according to the needs of the company. In a part-time summer job, the salary will of course be lower, but the student will gain work experience, which will make it easier to get a job in the future. Part-time employment also has many advantages – for example, a student can further their studies during the summer by completing a couple of courses or writing a thesis. If needed, part-time work that started in the summer can also continue alongside studies.

Tips for recruiting summer workers

Reach job seekers by choosing the right channels

Do you know where your potential employees hang out? You should use, for example, social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok. Tuudo helps in reaching students.

Format the job advertisement well

“Summer job” or “internship” should be clearly mentioned already in the title, because it immediately arouses interest. Overall, a good job advertisement is clear and concretely shows what the job entails and what is expected of the applicant.

Hire a summer employee for remote work

Would it be possible to do summer work at least partially remotely? The remote work option can significantly increase the number of interested people, because you don’t have to look for a job only close to your hometown.

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