Tuudo is a mobile application designed to make students’ lives easier. It offers all the essential services for students’ daily life, such as class schedules, course registrations, and menus for student restaurants. Additionally, based on students’ requests, Tuudo has added a “Career paths” section where students can find suitable work, thesis, and internship opportunities throughout the year.

Osuuskauppa Arina has been recruiting new talents through Tuudo for several years now. Arina’s recruitment specialists, Mari Rounaja and Aino Saksio, are now sharing what has motivated them to collaborate with Tuudo and why the partnership has been beneficial.

What kind of organization is Osuuskauppa Arina?

Osuuskauppa Arina is an evolving service sector company owned by its customer-owners. Its mission is to provide competitive advantages and services to its customer-owners. Arina is part of the S Group, like other regional cooperatives operating in Finland.

Arina offers job opportunities in various fields since it operates in markets, tourism and restaurant industry, specialty retail, and service station sectors. With a total of 182 locations, Arina requires a workforce in a wide area, covering 32 municipalities. It is the largest cooperative in Finland, with its southernmost location in Pyhäjoki and the northernmost in Inari, as mentioned by recruitment experts Mari Rounaja and Aino Saksio.

How does Tuudo serve Arina’s needs?

At Arina, the need for recruitment varies depending on industries and seasonal trends, but the most significant mass recruitments are for Christmas and summer. Therefore, recruitment period is particularly focused on autumn and spring. Conveniently, Tuudo organizes 100% digital recruitment fairs in the spring with a focus on summer jobs and in the autumn with a focus on part-time work.

Arina maintains visibility in Tuudo by having a company profile in the Career paths section and regularly posting job advertisements for suitable opportunities. In addition, Arina actively participate in Tuudo’s digital recruitment fairs and increase their presence through announcement cards on Tuudo’s homepage. After the previous Tuudo recruitment fair held in January 2023, Arina successfully recruited around 50 new talents.

How has the collaboration with Tuudo been going?

The collaboration between Tuudo and Arina started at the end of 2019 and has been successful ever since. The cooperation began when Arina’s marketing communication representative introduced Tuudo as a recruitment channel that appeared to be effective and targeted potential customers for Arina.

From the perspective of Arina’s recruitment experts, the collaboration with Tuudo has been agile, and communication between the parties has been effortless and smooth. “Ville Mustalahti has been excellent customer service representative and partner. He is true professional and always ready to help and suggest appropriate channels to meet Arina’s needs”, Saksio praises.

Collaboration between Arina and Tuudo will continue

Tuudo aims to create meaningful and long-lasting partnerships with its customers and always strives to provide genuine benefits tailored to their needs. Arina’s recruitment specialists want to also thank Tuudo for the collaboration. Tuudo will continue to support Arina in recruitment in the future as well. “Our collaboration continues and we can warmly recommend Tuudo to others as well”, Rounaja and Saksio comment.

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