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Today’s students are the driving force of the future success of your organisation. Tuudo is the way to reach them.

Over 400 employers, labour market operators and projects already trust Tuudo to reach more than 200,000 higher education students every month.

Tuudo Career Paths

Why do employers trust Tuudo?


For us it is important that you as an employer reach higher educational students effectively and accurately. However, it is even more important for us that students reach you. When you start recruiting in Tuudo, up to 200,000 university students from 30 universities will find you and the job opportunities you offer.

Educational institutes using Tuudo


The most important mission for Tuudo is to help students’ everyday life – including employment. Our investment in genuine benefits is reflected in committed and active users. 200,000 university students use Tuudo monthly; you don’t need to search for each other elsewhere anymore.

This is how Tuudo helps students


We proved once again in 2023 that a 100% digital recruitment event works. Hundreds of employers participated in Tuudo’s Recruitment Fairs throughout the year, and their content was swiped, like dating app of working life, over half a million times. Next fair is organized 16.-19.9.2024.

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Tuudo is a student’s best friend and a personal helper in everyday studies. In addition, Tuudo facilitates students’ employment and narrows the gap between studies and the professional world. Students are active workers, and in the spring 2023 survey, it was revealed that even up to 70 % of Tuudo users would like to work alongside their studies. Over 80 % of the respondents hoped to receive a summer job.


We became acquainted with Tuudo in 2018, and in 2019, we used it for the first time in recruiting summer employees. We reach many university students by being visible on Tuudo, including having an employer profile and posting job advertisements suitable for students.

Marko Sipilä

HR Specialist, Verohallinto

The collaboration with Tuudo has been excellent from the beginning, and the job postings were published within a few hours of the first contact. Efficiency is also evident from the fact that within half a day of publishing the recruitment announcement, we had already scheduled interviews with ten applicants.

Janne Honkonen

CEO, Advian Oy

The collaboration has worked really well and agilely from the very beginning. The communication has been easy and effortless. Ville Mustalahti is an extremely good at customer service and collaboration. He is a professional in his work and always ready to help when needed, suggesting the right channels for Arina’s needs.

Aino Saksio and Mari Rounaja

Recruitment specialists, Arina



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Would you like to know more about Tuudo or cooperate with us? Contact us for more information! Fill in the form – it won’t commit you to anything. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is it about?

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What has recruitment got to do with Tuudo?

One of the most important tasks of Tuudo is to close the gap between studies and the work life. Upon request by students, we created the Tuudo Career Paths where students can find suitable work, and internship and thesis opportunities all year round. Today, hundreds of companies recruit students through Tuudo.

Do I have to pay to recruit using Tuudo?

Tuudo’s recruitment service is not free but it is always cost-efficient. With your company profile in Tuudo you reach the students from 30 universities at the same time. Open job positions are also presented on the front page, which is opened eight million times per month.


How does Tuudo’s recruitment platform work?

Tuudo’s Career Paths section offers students an opportunity to browse company profiles that build up your employer image, and to look for open jobs . Students can apply for jobs directly using their own device. Tuudo’s recruitment platform is therefore no different from other digital recruitment platforms – except for its extraordinary reach.

What do I have to do?

We will talk you through the alternatives, and when we find the right solutions for your needs, we will send you a confirmation of cooperation. Then, you will receive instructions for content creation and how to send it. In order to save you time, we will upload all your content to Tuudo for you. We will also provide you with analytics on your visibility at regular intervals.

How do I place an job advertisement on Tuudo?

Employers have two ways of being visible on Tuudo: through their employer profile and their job advertisements. You can get started by calling Tuudo services for employers or leaving a contact request.. We always want to talk through your recruitment needs with you in order to tailor the best possible visibility for your needs.

How quickly will you be able to publish my content?

We can publish your content as quickly as within one hour. If you already have a company profile materials and job advertisement ready, call us or send us the materials to aineistot(a) We will get back to you quickly with an offer and, after your confirmation, we can publish your material immediately, if needed.

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